January 31, 2008

This or That

[size=2][b] This Or That Questions [/b][/size]

[b]This or That[/b]
[b]Coke or Pepsi::[/b]coke
[b]Juice or Water::[/b]water
[b]Pen or Pencil::[/b]pen
[b]Pool Table or Air Hockey Table::[/b]pool table
[b]Blue or Pink::[/b]blue
[b]Car or Bus::[/b]car
[b]Orange or Apple::[/b]apple
[b]Green or Blue::[/b]green
[b]Braces or Not Braces::[/b]braces
[b]Coffee or Hot Chocolate::[/b]coffee
[b]Msn or Yahoo::[/b]Msn
[b]Camera or Digital Camera::[/b]digital
[b]Cds or Dvd::[/b]dvd
[b]Gym Bag or Book Bag::[/b]book bag
[b]Laptop or Desktop::[/b]laptop
[b]Walk or Run::[/b]run
[b]Sit or Stand::[/b]sit
[b]Pizza or Pasta::[/b]pasta
[b]Cake or Ice Cream::[/b]ice cream
[b]USA or Mexico::[/b]USA
[b]Shower or Bath::[/b]shower
[b]Sandwich or Cookies::[/b]sandwich
[b]Chips or Candy::[/b]chips
[b]Aeropostale or Hollister::[/b]Hollister
[b]Walmart or Goodys::[/b]Walmart
[b]Plane or Train::[/b]Plane
[b]Earrings or Necklace::[/b]Earrings
[b]Books or Magazines::[/b]books
[b]Nail Polish or Not::[/b]not
[b]Reading or Science::[/b]reading
[b]Math or History::[/b]history
[b]English or Math::[/b]english
[b]Football or Volleyball::[/b]football
[b]Softball or Baseball::[/b]baseball
[b]Basketball or Soccer::[/b]basketball
[b]Tennis or Volleyball::[/b]volleyball
[b]Coke or Spirte::[/b]coke
[b]Sunkist or Coke::[/b]coke
[b]Mountain Dew or Sunkist::[/b]sunkist
[b]Dogs or Cats::[/b]dogs
[b]Fish or Snake::[/b]fish
[b]June or August::[/b]august
[b]Lime Green or Pink::[/b]lime green

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