December 20, 2007


I have been neglectful in my blogosphere realm. I guess the hollydaze can do that to a person. I've been remiss in gift buying and so I've spent the better part of 2 weeks caught up in the crowded shopping malls frantically playing catch-up.

I find it increasingly difficult to really get into the spirit of the whole present exchange thingy. Why was this tradition ever started in the first place? What does Santa Claus
have to do with me feeling obligated to bestow a token gift upon someone? I dread it when someone asks me what I want for Christmas. Aside from being outlandish and asking for a Ferrari or a million dollars, what do I want that I already do not have or can't obtain myself? Likewise, trying to find gifts for family members and friends is becoming increasingly harder. My dad and his wife are in their late 60's and have everything they need/want, so I invariably end up sending the Harry & David gift basket
they have come to expect year after year.

The kiddo wants cash
which, while practical, seems out of place as a Christmas gift. The only fun I actually have in the whole gift-buying frenzy is picking out things for my two adorable nieces who are 8 and 3. I am prone to getting the toys that make the noise and in the past have somewhat annoyed my sister-in-law --- which actually is part of what makes it fun to shop for these two. And I do the same on their birthdays. I am so naughty, I know. But my brother encourages me and actually thinks some of my choices have been "outstanding"! I love him.

So, what do I want for Christmas? World Peace? The War to END? Lower Gas Prices? Food & Shelter for All Mankind? Sure I do. But mostly, I want a quiet day just spent at home with good food, family, and friends. Cheers to you and yours.

December 4, 2007

Home again, Home again, jiggity-jig

Well I made it home from Long Beach in one piece, albeit a very tired and worn out piece.

I rode back on the plane next to a guy who looked a lot like Eugene Levy and who had enough ear wax to seal window. He also had very bad dandruff and smelled vaguely of cheese. He told me he was afraid of flying and he had the death knuckle grip going on the armrests. I had the aisle seat and he got up and down to go to the bathroom 5 times.
At least he didn't puke in his seat, so I do have that to be thankful for. The flight out of LAX was delayed 3+ hours because the plane was coming down from PDX via San Fran and it was delayed because of the awful weather we've been having back home. I took full advantage of the situation though and drank myself into a uncaring state, courtesy of 3 pints of Stella.

The show itself was thankfully uneventful and if you don't know (or don't care) about who went best in show, I'll tell you.
It was the lovely Sealyham Terrier.

Best of all was getting to catch up with a dear friend whom I just don't get to see often enough.

Worst of all was coming home to the severe rainstorms, closed roads (including 20 miles of I-5!) downed trees (including 2 of my own), flooded yards, etc.